Juice Detox Diet: Lose 27 lbs in 14 days


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Lose 27 lbs in 14 days: New Juice Detox Diet Rebalances Body pH to Burn Fat 197 percent Faster

Discovered! The body-chemistry balancer that Melts Away Fat Impossibly Fast!

Although winter has traditionally been thought of as the time of year when pounds creep on, summer is quickly becoming the true weight-gain season.

A blanket of heat and humidity literally traps environmental pollution at ground level, report scientists at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. Since the pollution can't drift up into the atmosphere, as it does in the winter, you end up breathing it in. And when humidity is high, it's particularly difficult to sweat out all the toxins. Plus, summer is a time of chronic dehydration, which hinders the liver's toxin-flushing abilities.

The impact on your health: Inside the body, environmental toxins that haven't been excreted are converted into acidic by-products, says Roni DeLuz, R.N., N.D., author of 21 Pounds in 21 Days: The Martha's Vineyard Diet Detox (Collins, 2007). As these acids accumulate, the thyroid, liver, gallbladder, lymphatic system and other weight-controlling organ systems falter. The body also slows metabolic rate to increase fat storage since fat cells serve as depots to stash acidic compounds. This gets harmful toxins out of circulation, DeLuz says. But it makes weight gain almost inevitable, he adds.

The quick fix for acid overload:
Research at California's Stanford University and elsewhere reveals that, just as acid buildup causes rapid weight gain, deacidifying fat cells causes the weight to virtually fall off. In fact, women have shed 160 pounds of fat, bloat and stored toxins simply by drinking alkaline juices designed to normalize the body's pH balance.

The truly wonderful thing about drinking juice to lose weight isn't just that it's easier than eating tons of produce- it's actually more effective. Sure, juicing maximizes the amount of healing compounds that can be consumed each day, says DeLuz, pointing out that you can squeeze all the nutrients in a pound of fresh spinach into one 8 oz. glass. But better still, the juicing process breaks open tough plant-cell walls, which triples the amount of nutrients absorbed into the bloodstream.

These nutrients then go straight to work to neutralize acid, stimulate the release of stored fat and improve the body's ability to flush fat-trapping chemicals. Juicing detox has proven so effective that most women enjoy increased energy, clearer skin and improved digestion after just one day, says DeLuz. And women have gone on to shed 31 pounds or more in just three weeks.

Learn your pH. You can determine your pH in just 15 seconds with a testing strip (like pHion pH Test Strips for Urine & Saliva (at drugstores and amazon.com).

Weight loss is just the beginning.
When body acidity is corrected and cellular pH is balanced, thousands of biochemical reactions within tissues can be optimized, says Michelle Schoffro Cook, doctor of natural medicine and author of The Ultimate pH Solution: Balance Your Body Chemistry to Prevent Disease and Lose Weight (Collins, 2008). The result, according to doctors at Stanford University School of Medicine:

Day 2: GI problems are cured
Day 3: Thinking becomes sharper
Day 14: Skin clears up completely
Day 30: Female hormones are fully balanced

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