Peach Scent: Makes you Lose Weight (effortlessly)!


Peach scent makes you skinny or lose weight

The scent that makes you skinny (effortlessly).

Simply smelling a peach can help you shed 24 pounds this month without dieting,

report scientists at the Chicago's Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation.

"Sweet scents trick the brain into feeling full, so food intake drops", says study author Alan Hirsch, M.D. "The effect is so powerful, subjects lost up to 6 pounds per week."

Even more:

Supercharge fat burn by eating Peaches

Peaches contain vitamin C, which lowers the pH balance of the digestive tract to speed nutrient absorption and fire up metabolism, helping to burn an additional 100 calories after consumption.

"Peach is rich in beta-carotene , which the body converts into Vitamin A", says Mary Ellen Camire, Ph.D., professor of Food Science at the University of Maine at Orono."This nutrient fortifies membranes so they're more resistant to infection.

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  2. By ph diet on February 20, 2012 at 4:53 PM

    If anything, these recommendations could help someone or someone they love live a healthier life and have a better start in the fight against GERD and other complications life throws our way.

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