The Weight Loss Power of Peppermint Tea


peppermint tea lose weight

Lose Weight by drinking Peppermint Tea

While British women are known for their strange fad diets, like the "eat only curried beets" plan, the latest U.K. trend which is Drinking peppermint tea, may actually work.

Drinking six cups of the brew daily helped dieters shed 30 pounds in six months.

The reason: A peppermint-leaf compound called menthofuran signals fullness in the brain's satiety center, which helps people eat less.

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  2. By JENIE=) on August 23, 2010 at 6:26 PM

    great share kitkat...nothing's wrong with taking tea (well except for the caffeine if one's monitoring it) so why not have this peppermint tea if it'll help reminding us that we are full and we have to stop eating haha.

    thanks for linking me again here. what was your previous site again? just so i can replace it with this one which is just as good. ;) see yah.

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