Negative Calorie Foods: The more you eat, the more you lose weight!


foods which are negative in calories

Eat negative calorie foods as much as you want without worrying about weight gain.

Just by eating negative calorie foods, you burn more calories than what you actually consume without worrying about weight gain.

You don't need to count calories, eat less or skip meals to lose weight. You need to know that skipping meals is not good, resulting to a slower metabolism and you'll end up overeating on your next meal as well. Eating less, just as counting calories will make you feel deprived, which may lead you to emotional eating. Just by eating negative calorie foods, you burn additional more calories without worrying about weight gain.

Truth is, there is no "negative calorie foods". The reason why certain foods are referred to as "negative calorie foods" is because the body requires more calories to digest these foods than the calories they contain. The body needs to work harder to breakdown and process these negative calorie foods.

For example, eating a food that requires 200 calories to digest but only contains 100 calories will get your body to use an extra 100 calories to digest it. In other words, you only consumed 100 calories but burnt 200 calories just by eating that food, resulting in a net loss of 100 calories. This way your body is burning up stored body fat.

Negative calorie foods are high in fiber and carbohydrates with very less fat. You already know that eating foods high in fiber makes you feel full longer. Foods high in fiber are very filling and are good for the body; carbohydrates are difficult to break down (the body works harder on carbohydrates so it can use the calories as usable energy), while fats are easily added to our body. So the more you eat negative calorie foods, the more you lose weight!

Some Negative calorie foods include:

1. Spinach
2. Cucumber
3. Beet
4. Berries
5. Lettuce
6. Broccoli
7. Grapefruit
8. Lemon
9. Orange
10. Papaya
11. Turnip
12. pineapple
13. Celery
14. Cauliflower
15. Garlic
16. Carrot
17. Apple
18. Cabbage
19. Zucchini
20. Asparagus

You can add these negative calorie foods in your every day meals and snacks without worrying about calories, to lose weight. So instead of skipping meals, eating less or counting calories, just eat these negative calorie foods and you're on your way to a slim healthy body.

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